Here's to
the crazy ones.

Grounded in first principle thinking.

We live by four core values: curiosity, skepticism, drive and fairness.

We live by four core values: curiosity, skepticism, drive and fairness.

We are thinkers

who love spending time picturing a better future.

We love looking for the root cause, untangling systems, decoding the rules of the game, figuring out what's missing to make a better world. We are projected into the future, and we won’t turn back.

We are builders

who design and craft products to turn our vision into reality.

We are not problem-talkers, just problem-solvers. Once a problem arises, we focus our energy on removing the obstacle straight away. Once a great idea flies around, we catch it as fast as we can and give it a name and a shape.

We are explorers

thirsty for knowledge, hungry to learn fast and more, all the time.

We are intrinsically curious people. The overwhelming feeling of not knowing enough keeps us eager to face new challenges, shape new approaches and broaden our know-how. We're not afraid of challenges or disruptions. We embrace them. In them we see opportunities to learn and grow.

We are a clan

grounded in sharing ideas and mutual support to go far and have fun together.

We advocate healthy criticism and collaboration. Challenges can be overcome alone, but we firmly believe that the exchange of ideas and constructive criticism significantly improves the quality of the work of those involved.

We are diverse and united

ready to welcome on board new members with even more contrasting views of the world.

We strive to observe the world from all angles, shattering dogma and traditional thinking. We see no differences in people, only richness of values and complementarity of skills.

We are troublemakers

crazy enough to think that together we can change the world.

We think big. We dream bigger and are committed to making technology work more efficiently. Passion will take us far, that's the only certainty.